Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas!

Taking a few minutes while the turkey is resting to get a post out. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! In this festive season please don't lick any poles!


I have several presents under the tree that I will post later, but the one takeaway this year, is that all the gaming items received are either already painted or do not need painting! How rare is that!

Also I've been working away on an upcoming Zombicide club campaign. Here is a sneak peak being that this is a time for giving....


I got the wall files from Perrochon on Thingeverse & have a bunch printed out. Now working on colour themes that I can paint up more walls as needed when the campaign progresses. I have lots of graffiti decal sets from various companies. The last building for the first scenario is currently on the paint table & while all the base colours are done, & is now waiting for the decalling to occur. 

I have the vehicles ready (still clean as the Zompocalypse is just beginning), & am now getting some dumpsters together. Will think about adding the garbage bins I am seeing printed too...if I have enough! 

OK my mouth is watering, I need to eat! Best wishes all! 

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