Sunday, October 2, 2022

Zomtober Week 1

Well that has come upon us quick! Another Zomtober begins...& well, I am not even sure how many are still doing this event, but as I still have so many Zombicide figures that need painting, continuing to do so allows me the opportunity to focus on them, at least for 1 month per year.


I am also taking the opportunity to try my hand at the 'Slap Chop' method of miniature painting. I know this is well known to many already, but its a fairly recent discovery for me thanks to the Miniature Hobbyist who has done several videos of his Kill Team sets.

 So I am starting off with painting up this series of Zombicide Runner. Here we have the black basecoat, then drybrushed with light grey & then a dusting drybrush of white.


With that done, I was able to get 3 figures painted up today. With using mainly contrast & Speed Paints, they did indeed get painted up much faster than my past painting method.


Looking at the rear, does really show off the slap chop method on the jackets. Now with this first round, I thought perhaps there was still too much black showing, so redid the drybrushing on the next batch for the table. It will be interesting to compare these 3 to them. They will also likely see a bit more filth & blood added.


Then I wanted to compare them to one of my previously painted ones.


Apart from the use of Dark Shade on my earlier models to cover the figure, I think they otherwise look fairly comparable.


I have several more of this model to paint, so will continue with them for the next posting. I also want to dabble with using regular paints watered down, sort of as glazes to make use of them too. I mention this as there are only so many options for washes, contrast & speed paints available. I haven't tried mixing those 3 paints to see if other colours can be created from them, but I guess we will see.

So again Welcome to Zomtober 2022, as I know its also Orktober/Orctober for many as well. 


  1. Looking good!

    You don't have to start with black, either. An olive undercoat would look good with these guys.

  2. Well done wit this speed-painting technique seems to have worked well- I see little difference and if it's quicker then it's a no-brainer as to which way to go !
    well done gettng off to a good satrtin Zomtober.

    1. Thanks Joe, I remember when this event had about 20 bloggers involved, but thus far it seems I am alone doing it this year. I am fine with that, as this is when I usually focus on doing some of the many Zombicide figures I have that need to meet the brush!