Sunday, January 31, 2021

Earth Elemental & Some Giant Toads...Take 2

OK so for those who follow my blog, your going to think, wait a sec....he just posted these. You would be half correct.

So today I finished the second Earth Elemental, going with a deep elemental look complete with some lava innards & a more stoney look to it.


This model does well for dry brushing with deep recesses for the brush to catch on.


Also you may remember these Giant Toads, I printed with my FDM printer. Well now they are painted.


I used some contrast paints on them, followed by a light drybrushing. I think I may go back & do an Army Painter dip on them, but for now consider them finished.


And again an image to show their size compared to a Frostgrave Apprentice.


So now I will be switching back to Core Space with the Crew of the Yamato.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I really like the new-look Golem,, he could easily double as a stome golem too.
    The colouring on the toads look good, but I'd leave the paint-job as is, though I do wonder f a gloss or satin varnish would make htem'pop' a bit.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, yes I was wondering about the Popping on the toads as well. I am not a fan of shiny miniatures, but maybe the Army Painter matte overspray will do the trick once the weather warms up. It seems to have a bit of shine to it, even though its anti-shine.