Wednesday, January 27, 2021

This is my "Thank's Dan!" Post

 At the beginning of the year I saw a post on our club facebook page from a fellow gamer named Dan.

Dan got a new game. Dan's game looked cool! I had to get the same game Dan did.

So after scouring the sites for the local stores, it was time to look online...OK, not a big deal during the pandemic, as online sales are pretty much the norm for these days.

Of course I couldn't just get the base game when I was going to get free shipping. 

So went all in.

Almost felt like a Kickstarter, without the wait. It shipped I believe on Friday from NZ & arrived today. Now that's service!

So with it here, I am now eyeing some of the kits from Combatzone Scenery out of the UK. As expected the set I am most interested in is sold out atm, but I am sure it will become available again, being so popular.


So once again..THANKS! DAN!

On another front, I snagged a few more classic cars that I saw at Giant Tiger. As  soon as I saw them I thought "They look like they would be great for Fallout!"

 So without further ado....

It will almost be sad to turn them into derelicts, though the image just above looks like its already started.

As always, thanks for visiting!


  1. Wonderful looking game and of course you just had to get all the add-ons !
    Cars look very excellent and as you say, it would be a shame to 'wreck' them - but save all the tyres !
    I thought of making some cars suitable for fallout, a while ago; most of them have some form of 'nuclear'jet for propulsion, I thought the tobs of stopper bottles etc, cut in half would look pretty close to how they appear in Fallout - just a thought.

  2. Thanks Zabadak, you make some good points about the cars...with your comment, it just sparked an idea of using some click pen ends with the plungers trimmed down & glued, certainly something to think about. I imagine it will be some time before they get weathered.