Saturday, January 23, 2021

Frostgrave - Elementals

2 weeks ago I picked up some of the Wizkids Nolzur's miniatures for use in my Frostgrave games. These are quite nice figures with a good price point.

 So far I collected Air, Water & Fire Elementals. Additionally I snagged some Hellhouds to dabble with.


Of note is that all of these figures are using clear material, which is a challenge to paint while maintaining the see-through aspect.


So this morning I finished the Fire Elementals, & here are the results...

 Air Elementals


Fairly quick paint, using craft paints for the most part (light greys) & then I tried using a dark grey contrast paint on the right hand one which gave it a darker angrier aspect.


Water Elementals


Again, fairly quick paintjob with using an ocean blue craft paint, with some touches of a GW technical. I tried to keep the paint thin, to maintain the transluscent nature of the model. I think I may go back at some point to use a bit of very light grey tips to represent the crests of waves or somesuch, but for now, these are done.


Fire Elementals


As expected these required the most time, starting with red then working up through orange & then a couple different shades of yellow. Again, I used some GW Yellow contrast paint to try to blend some of the recesses.


So where are the Hellhounds? Well the simple answer is in Hell...but really, they are next on the table & I will be using the same method I did for the fire elementals. I also hope to pick up the Earth Elementals today, though I doubt they will be the clear plastic.


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  1. great models. I love Wizkids Deep Cuts line. I have a bunch of the Terrain. I have a trio of wood piles and a 2-tiered fountain with a statue of Poseidon on top on my desk right now.

    1. Aye Steve, for fairly cheap models, considering how much many others are, they are great figures, come primed & are ready to go out of the blister.

  2. Great stuff Terry! You really nailed the look on the fire elementals 😀

    1. Thanks Ivor, folks had mentioned that contrast paints would be the answer to these, but I found them very runny & the clear plastic doesn't coat well with them, so it required a bit of patience.

  3. Good use of colurs though the fire elemental has turned out exceptionally well.