Sunday, January 17, 2021

Core Space - Purge Assassin & Live One

Two more figures completed today, both are Purge & consist of an Assassin & a Live One


As I was looking through the Core Space rulebook, near the back are several pages of conceptual art & info when the game was being developed. There was a comment that the Assassin was orignally going to be black, but was changed due to its 'darkness?' 


I did like the concept & just chose to do some red trimming on the panels (similar to the original Bat Mobile) I feel this breaks up the modile & gives it some punch.

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I have the Annihalator on the paint table now as well as some Nolzur's figures.


  1. Loving your choice of colour schemes fro the two minis, proving dark and ominous doesn't have to be black.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, if you look back through my posts, the final version of the assassin was white. As mentioned, the creator's original plan was for black, but thought the dark palettes would just make for dark blob on the table.