Sunday, January 24, 2021

Frostgrave - Hellhounds & Werewolf

As shown previously, I had grabbed some of the Nolzur's Hellhounds to paint up.


I tried to go with the pattern on the back of the package, as I liked the look. They appear with a bit of shine, but come the spring that will be remedied.

I snagged 2 packs of these, figuring 4 should be more than enough to deal with meddling wizards, however that can always be corrected.


Another figure I completed is one of the 3d printed ones I did from a Patreon I follow. He is called the Beastman, however looking at him, he will make  a good werewolf too!

 Contrast paints were the big win on this fella, as they quickly made the fur pop! I used Agrax Earthshade on his light fur/skin areas & Gore-Grunta Fur for the main body. Otherwise it was pretty much craft paints for all the base colours. It appears I need to do a it more work on the claws.


As mentioned in my previous post, I needed to snag the Earth Elementals to round out my Elementals. So when I was at the local game store on the weekend, they were there waiting for me.


They are now being based on washers & will be the next to be painted. 


  1. Contrast colours working well on these impressive sculpts, love the beast/werewolf

    1. Thanks Zabadak, the werewolf was great to see the immediate effects of the contrast. Fur is always one of those things that can be fiddly