Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! Last Miniatures & Year in Review

Well, we've completed another lap of the year track. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!


To those who follow my blog, I wish to thank you. As all bloggers we appreciate the community we've created of like minded individuals to share our projects & learn from others.


So without further fanfare, here are the last of my 2021 miniatures freshly off the paint table. Perhaps the matt varnish is still wet on them. The last of the Fleet Crew I had based. This poor sot had 2 fingers snap off while removing his supports.


However not to be undone, I decided to add some liquid green stuff & created a rough bandage to represent a recent laser injury, either combat or industrial, who can say.


The 2nd figure is also from one of Bob Naismith's figure sets called Skumthugs. This strapping fellow is the Boss.


A nice figure & I really like Bob's posing of pretty much all of his figures. Nothing too fancy or unrealistic.


So with that done, its time for the review. As I think back, this is likely also the first review I've done, & normally I wouldn't, but its been another of those odd years we've all been living in.

Who would have thought we would still be dealing with it? One of the things I've missed most is getting to the gameboard with friends. However on the flip side, it has allowed me more time to actually focus on painting stuff & work on other projects.

With the completion & posting of this post, I will have had 104 posts for 2021. Comparing that number to the last couple of years, 66 in 2020 & 44 in 2019. That shows an increase in my blogging for sure. While some posts were quick & small, they were still posts of my hobby time.

Early in the year I was working on my Core Space Kickstarter stuff. Hoping to get it to the table...well, the painting happened, but not so much getting it to the table.

I also worked on some fantasy figures for use in Frostgrave. At the same time I began dabbling more with my 3d fdm printer. 

March saw me work on my first Boardgame Project, where I am painting the figures from the boardgames I enjoy. I was able to complete both of "The Adventurers" Games 


 April saw me begin my BEF Project, painting up my British figures for use in Chain of Command. I did complete the platoon & a couple of vehicles. 


In June I was doing a lot of 3d printing & completed a bunch of files I got from Thingeverse, as well as some resin printing of Bob Naismith's figure sets. At around this time I was also approached by Lv-427 folks asking if I would be interested in doing test prints for them. I agreed & have been printing out tiles of their terrain system & providing images for their website. Black Friday saw me purchase a 2nd FDM printer & I now have the 2 of them printing things for when we can get back together at the table.


So this brings me pretty much to the end of my review. Again thanks to those that follow & comment (unless your a spammer of course). I look forward to continue the hobby adventures in the New Year.




  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your posts this year Terry. Hope to see a game this year where you can use those lovely BEF!

    Merry new year!

    1. Thanks Dai, yes they are certainly looking towards getting into a battle. One of my first projects for this year will be to get the support elements built from the 3 tables.

  2. IMHO you've had a very prodcutive year, with lots of eye candy for all tastes. Great job covering the missing mfingers with a very realistic looking bandage.

    1. Thanks Joe, it would have been awful to throw an otherwise fully functional figure was just 2 fingers & he is obviously right handed hehe.