Monday, December 13, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Abdel Wahab & Edgar Rice

My painting Sunday, allowed me to complete 2 more of the Adventurers. First up is Abdel Wahab


This erudite Egyptian is unrivaled when it comes to reading hieroglyphs & regularly accompanies expeditions that seek his expertise. His special ability is Linguistics.

The next adventurer is Edgar Rice


This South African military officer was once presumed dead. But he mysteriously returned when the discovery of the Pyramid of Horus was announced. He is the father of Lea Rice (remember her from the Temple of Chac!) & an expert on crocodiles. His special ability is Swimming


For these 2 figures, I tried something different & did NOT use the Army painter shade, opting instead to just use contrast paints or washes. 


I got a good start on the next adventurer today during lunch & hope to have him completed tomorrow.


  1. ANother two great reprentaions of the cards' illustrations, though I reckon Abdel looks to tall and slim for your archaetypical arab type. Edgar on theother hand...
    Well done with your output too, you're fair cracking along.

    1. Thanks Joe. 3 more figures lesft from this current project!If all goes well, I hope to have them completed by the end of the weekend.