Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I think I know which list I was on for Christmas!

So with Christmas completed, boxing day passed, we are now in that respite space before New Years. I got a little hobby time down in the basement today, which is great because it is bloody cold outside & has been since Christmas.

So what was under the tree for me this year? Well...

A bunch of box sets from Privateer Press's Horde game, as well as some blisters. I know that this game has lost its appeal for many, however the minaitures are still fantastic & most often I rarely ever use miniatures for games they are meant for anyway.

Now the funniest thing about all of these miniatures, is that we spotted them at our local Goodwill Store. Even better they were the correct 50% off the sticker colour for that week. Christie asked which ones I would like for Christmas....I said any of them would work.....well...


What was even more amazing is some of the other miniature offerings that were also there & again the same 50% of due to the tag colour. She also got them for me. I will certainly need to improve my painting before tackling these!


So with all of the excitement of having so many "small packages" under the tree, I also received a gift I bought for myself from a Black Friday sale.


So now I've got a bunch more miniatures to work on with the learnings I hope to develop from these books!

So yes, it was a Merry Christmas. Hope all of yours was as well. Betwen the frigidly cold weather & the pandemic continuing, I hope to find more hobby time to work on my projects. I hope to have 1 more post prior to the New Year.


  1. Wow, that's a hell of a thrift find. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, I guess one never quite knows what they will find. Since a buddy told me a couple years ago, I've mainly been going there to peruse their books, movies & music.

  2. Looks lik that you're painting queue sorted for the next few months. (and bit of light reading gtoo )

    1. Thanks Joe, yes, these will be added to the lead pile for sure. Now to see if reading his books help with my know the whole, Old dogs, new tricks...