Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Chantal Santi

The first of my intrepid adventurers is now finished. Here I start with Chantal Santi


As a cheeky, yet resourceful young French girl, Chantal Sarti hopes to achieve international fame. She counts on her natural agility to avoid dangers & reach her goal. Her special ability is Dodge.


Well what can I say. An adventurer dressed like this will not likely achieve the international fame she is hoping for...though it may be for something else. 


However like all the ohers, her chances are as good as theirs! 


  1. The figures that came with these games have never disappointed, they're so well proportined !
    I don;t fancy Chantal's chances though in any fight, despite her 'dodge' ability, but I must say she does look good (ahem), by which I mean your brushwork !

    1. Thanks Joe, to be fair, that dodge ability could save her from the rolling stone (think Indiana Jones)