Monday, January 17, 2022

Chain of Command - Minefields!

 Continuing through Support List 1, I completed the Minefield yesterday.

Once again I went with a very simple piece of felt (which does the job quite well!)

But as with the entrenchments, I had an opportunity to do something fancier. So again snagging some stl files fom Thingeverse, with 2 being available in 6" x 6". One from the previous creator (see the entrenchements post for link) which was a hollow bounding frame with some mines which when printed would be loosely strewn within it. 

Image copyright: Marcoplo from Thingeverse

There was also a solid version from this creator that had some mines, which some empty holes (which I used some of the loose mines from the previous file to fill)

Image Copyright; tyrela from Thingeverse

 So then the thought hit me... I could use the full version minefield for while it is active & then just use the border once the minefield is breached.


I had a bit of an issue with the plaster sticking to the plastic base, so would recommend roughing it up with some sandpaper prior to applying it. 

While these pieces were drying I also got to work on creating some figures to use as my various Engineering teams, which I will be starting to work on this week.


  1. Poor buggers wandered into that death trap didn’t they!?

    Excellent t work Terry

    1. Yes, it must have been one of the ones where the signage "went missing"

  2. You've done a great job on an intriguing piece, but I think the engineers will have a very easy timespotting where the mines are !

    1. Thanks Joe, again this is to represent the minefield, perhaps the engineers have unearthed them prior to their removal. Now one musst wonder, are there any that are booby-trapped in there?